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Venusval Hammack
WAC- Womens Army Corp.

North Shore Veterans Service Council
Persian Gulf Era Veterans

Venusval Hammack was appointed Commander of the
North Shore Chapter of Persian Gulf Era Veterans
in 1998. From 1996 to 1998, she served on the
PGEV Board of Directors In her role as Chapter
Commander, Ms. Hammack serves as Public Affairs
Officer and spokesperson for the PGEV, a state
organization providing advocacy for Gulf War veteran
related issues, especially Gulf War Illnesses.

Formed in 1993 by Miles Sheehan as New England
Gulf War Veterans, the title changed when Mr. Sheehan
moved to Washington DC to headup the National Gulf War
Resource Center. PGEV is dedicated solely to Massachusetts
Gulf War veterans' concerns, who participated in all
Operations in that theater up to today.

State Commander Stephen Reynolds, and PGEV maintains
a presence in the Bay State advocating Gulf War veterans'
concerns through donations. Ms. Hammack previously
served as Sr. Vice Commander of Veterans of Foreign
Wars Post 507 in the City of Lynn, Massachusetts.
Also as retired WAC Women Army Corp non-commissioned
officer is an active member of Bay State WAC Chapter 14
and a Chapter member of WIMSA Women In Military
Service For America Memorial. She retired from service
after 23 years and is a Life member of Disable Veterans of America.

Starting in 1991 when Veterans Affairs medical Center
denied her medical care as a Gulf War combatant, which
was due to a legislative error she set on a mission to oversee
and uncover other legislative issues when adversely impacted
Gulf War veterans. It was in 1993 she attended her first
Congressional hearing on Gulf War issues by invitation
of Representative Joseph Kennedy. Ms. Hammack participates in every annual NGWRC conference. 
She has made presentations to the PAC Presidential 
Advisor Commission, CDC Center of Disease Control 
and Prevention; IOM ( Institute of Medicine ) and 
OSAGWI ( Office of Special Assistant for Gulf War 
Illnesses ) Department of Defense hearings.

During the Gulf War, she served in the U.S. Army as a
International Law paralegal and secondary as Medical Specialist. Ms. Hammack was awarded a Bronze Star for triage of injured troops when barracks in Dhahran was 
hit by a SCUD.
Earlier in her military career she was trained as combat
photographer, administration specialist and medical
laboratory technician. At Northeastern University in Boston,
MA she completed training as 21E Environmental Site
She is also a 18 year member of Afro American Veterans
Association (AAV), and National Association of Black
Women Veterans. For the last dozen years Ms. Hammack
has given assistance to EANGUS (Enlisted Army National
Guard Association ) and American Legion Post 87 as a member.

Venusval with Christopher Shays

Former VA Director Jesse Brown

PSOB Hearing April 4th, 2000
seen here with Dr. Bernie Rostker